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We look forward to introducing our suite of products to your business environment.
Prompt and Accurate
Title Resource prides itself on having the best service at the best price.
Coverage Area: the Title Resource products are offered in the following areas:
Search Products
Ordering Searches/ Receiving Reports: Order by fax, phone or e-mail. You will be notified of the expected turn-around time concerning your search request. Search reports can be returned by fax or e-mail. Verbal reports can be given for recordings or updates.
Ownership Report The title is vested (with copy of vesting deed); current assessment, tax map number, and tax status are supplied. Also called a Deed Report.
Construction Update Land records, judgements, taxes, and UCC-1's are checked to the minute of the desired rundown dates.
Current Owner Search Abstract of title (deed, deeds of trust, liens, judgment liens, and financing statements abstracted on a clear concise form), deed copy, current assessment, tax map number, tax status are supplied. Current owners are run in the judgment index for the last twenty years (all owners within ten year backchain are also run) and for financing statements for the last five years. The property will be searched in the land records until a good PMM (or released PMM) is found or until it is out of the family. Also called a Property Report, a Bringdown, a Paid PMM Forward.
Two Owner Search Current owner search plus prior link in chain.
Full Title Search Current owner search plus all owners in the backchain are run in the applicable indexes. Acreage parcels are run for forty or sixty years (depending on your need). Subdivision parcels are run back to the developer of the subdivision.
Commercial Search Commercial properties searched for a 60 year period.
Foreclosure Search Current owner search plus all owners within the last twenty years of the backchain.
Update Search Update of any search performed within the last six months. It does not have to be a search performed by Title Resource, LLC, but Title Resource, LLC cannot and will not warrant other company’s searches.
Recordings Documents need to be sent to our office. These documents will be submitted to go on record one day after receiving them.

These are local search descriptions, they may be known by different names in other regions. If you have a search that doesn’t seem to fall into any of these parameters, contact Title Resource, LLC for pricing and feasibility. Contact Title Resource, LLC by phone, fax, or e-mail for our price list and verification of errors and omissions coverage. We can bill by weekly, monthly or by the search.
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